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The summer is finally here, a summer road trip has and will always be part of America’s DNA. Road trips is one of those activities that are perfect for everyone friends, couples and families. There is no better way to experience American culture better than a road trip. For a first timer, the first experience of putting together a road trip may be overwhelming. In your quest to help you organize a perfect road trip here is a list of the things you should know before you set out on your trip.

Know and plan on your budget

Budgeting is very important. You do not want to be stranded out there with your kids. It is important to plan for your daily expenses including unexpected expenses. Accommodation and phone bill expenses can be a challenge if not taken. Managing your phone bills is your responsibility. It is important than you budget enough funds that can cater for the whole family’s phone expenses. It is common to land accommodation that is lacking in in basic amenities. Anticipating and planning ahead of these expenses could be a life savior.


Know and embrace the cultures you expect to find

Your host community will be excited to see and interact with you. It is important that you learn their culture. Try to avoid what they consider as taboo, and engage in their social events. It is also important that you smile and keep a positive attitude. Do not expose your ignorance or impose
your beliefs. Train and teach your children how to be accommodative to others.

Learn the climate

A major surprise that you and your family may get is weather and climate. Your knowledge on the climate will dictate the clothes you pack, the type of car to rent and your choice of emergency medication. Google your destination’s daily weather patterns; is it cold in the morning? Is it hot at night? Does the climate encourage mosquitoes? Once you get answers to these questions make sure your family is well prepared to face nature: Pack the right clothes and carry the right medication.

Know your route

Road trips obviously involve long drives. It is important that you route. Learn the locations of restaurants, gas stations and more. The knowledge of the locations of restaurants will help you and your family plan for meal stops and bathroom breaks. In case you have a baby identify the most convenient places for dipper changes and work on a schedule. The knowledge on the route can also help you plan for bathroom breaks and restrict the amount of fluids your kids take.

Know the language

In case your travel exploits leads you outside the country, language barrier can be an impediment to having a good time. The internet provides a ton of information including apps, websites and video tutorials that will help you learn a language minus the hustle of signing up for a class. Try to learn key words and phrases like; what is your name, my name is, thank you, and hallo. In your quest to learn the language avoid rude or strong language.

Clyde Stanley