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Trips around the world are some of the best leisure you can take as a family to have a fun, bond and explore countries different spectacles. A way to get away from work, school and your everyday lives to recharge your batteries. Yet there are several important factors to consider before taking on a family trip. A wellresearched route, a good supply of food and beverages and of course, what car to drive. Do you take a smaller but slightly faster and cooler car that perhaps consumes more gas? Or maybe an SUV? Well, the answer to both of those questions depends, of course, a lot on, you. Having a difficult time deciding? Here is a list of the top 5 cars you should consider when going on a family trip.



What are your personal preferences and circumstances?

It is always wise to set a budget before a trip in order for you to know where to allocate your money. In essence, the more family members you have, the more careful you have to be with your budget. By going to you are able to use a very intelligent and dynamic search engine that allows you to insert your personal preferences and receive a tailored list of rental cars that suit you best. Looking for a large standard rated car that has good reviews, an automatic gearbox and perhaps a GPS built into it that is available for a total of four days? You see, these are all very personal preferences, but within minutes of checking you’re desired boxed, a magical list will appear that caters to your needs.

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Where in the world are you traveling?


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The type of car available and its price is very much dependent on where in the world you are traveling, as different countries offer different car dealerships to rent from. So make sure you include the exact place of arrival at the right date and time in order to receive an accurate list of what cars and rates are available. Keep in mind that different countries will have different car rental dealerships and that quality in service might differ. So after traveling the world and sitting in an endless number of cars, here are the top 5 vehicles to consider for your next trip.

1Chevrolet Spark This is a low budget and relatively small car that is perfect for when traveling with up to three people. It is comfortable, you rent it with unlimited mileage and easy on the wallet. A very practical car.

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2Ford FocusA mediumsized practical and easy going car that suits a family of up to five people. This is your average and most rented car as it fulfills all of your needs and takes you from point A to point B without breaking a sweat.

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3Dodge CaravanAs the name implies, this Dodge is a large minivan that is perfect for a bigger family, seating up to seven people. It might not be the coolest car but gets the job done in a very comfortable and easy way.

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4Hyundai Santa FeThis SUV is great for people who are planning to go a little offroad and enjoy a lot of time on the road. Large, comfortable, easy to drive and seats up to five family members.

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5Ford Mustang ConvertibleThis convertible sports car is for people who might want to show off a little and enjoy the breeze of air flowing through their hair while they take a drive. Considerably more expensive, smaller and not as easy on the wallet, this car is made for perhaps a loving couple.

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The cars mentioned above are obviously just recommendations, and nothing you should be relying on entirely. However, it does serve as a list of cars that suit five different personalities depending on your personal preferences and circumstances.

Clyde Stanley