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Traveling has been a great hobby in recent time. Many people around the world are looking tips and guides suggesting some of the best travel destinations that will provide them with greater experience of natural wonders. When people want to explore such new destinations, they mostly use rental24h vehicle because theyre cheap and reliable.

A good travel destination guide will give you copious details on varied places with their own uniqueness. Perhaps this is the reason that gets people attracted to visit such amazing places. So when deciding on your travel destinations, youll need to consider certain factors like landscape, culture, and traditions. The following are some of the places you should plan to visit during your first trip.


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If you always wonder where Dracula originates from, there is no doubt of your urge to learn. Transylvania in Romania is the home of the wellknown legend by the name Vlad the Impaler. Perhaps the name gained popularity as a result of the movie Vampire Diaries and the Twilight. With this, Transylvania has become a mustvisit destination for many travelers. Its taking a breathtaking region in central Romania and things to see there are, of course, Bran Castle, and the Dracula’s tomb, among many other beautiful sites.



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Its an American state of New Mexico with an amazing travel destination for you. Its believed that an alien spacecraft had crashed there in the fifties, and it has been alleged that the alien bodies were taken back to a secret military base in the area for research purposes. The American government has been accused of covering up the incident and there has been much controversy and speculation around this town and the topic of aliens ever since. Thus, Roswell is teaming with alienthemed stores, museums, bars, and hotels and it is most definitely worth a visit! A good time to go is in July when Roswell hosts alien festivals.

Other amazing places that you will dare not miss to pay a visit include:
•  Chernobyl
•  Komodo Islands
•  Lapland

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The best travel destination guide forms a base resource when you plan to visit any of the places having historic importance. There are various categories available on best travel destinations depending on your choices, some are based on the culture, festivals, wonders, eating, lifestyle, it depends on you whether which is the best suitable ones you want to visit. And most important is to consider a rental24h vehicle that makes your touring efficient.

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